Multiman 4.04.00 BASE

Rilasciata nuova versione di Multiman che apporta un incremento significativo della compatibilità di alcuni giochi , sia vecchi che nuovi, che presentano schermata nera in fase di avvio oltre ad altre migliorie

Nel dettaglio:
– Improved compatibility for the so-called “Black-Screen-Games” (BSG) which *until now* required
the “BD-Mirror” option and worked ONLY from external usb HDD (otherwise game would lock/loop/error during load).

– Now users of the listed firmwares can use the “BD-Mirror” option for game backups stored in the INTERNAL HDD.
It may improve the compatibility of over 100 games (some older titles, some newer),
for example Assassin’s Creed 1 / Colin Dirt 1 / Prince Of Persia / Call of Duty / MW / Tomb Raider, incl. titles which had sound issues.

– A partial list of some games that may gain from the new option can be found.

It is now possible to set “BD-Mirror” option for games in Internal HDD and it enables the new functionality.
The option works both with PS3 Game Disc in the tray and in discless mode from /app_home.

– The option is available in the “Game Settings” menu for each game in the list

Trovate link al download e changelog completo nella sezione Homebrew per CFW.

Buon Download.

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