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Menu items missing, no lan/wifi, didnt boot the first time

da montolla » 27 apr 2019, 16:51


I have the ps4 fat the one that light/blinks on the top.

I did install the linux distro on my usb stick 2.0 sucessfully apparently but at the end it keeps stuck on rescueshell and it didn't work by start-psxarch.sh or other commands on google so I did restart my ps4 and load the payload again wich give me after a long long time (usb 2.0 my fault) the desktop enviroment but it has missing items on the menu, the wifi/lan don't work and I was forced to manullay link my ps4 controller by bluetooth.

I'don know if was an issue with my system, the fact that I used a 16gb usb 2.0 stick or my system doesn't support the distro v2.

I will try to cache the payload, install on a external usb 3.0 hdd closure and try the v1 distro as well. I will feed back about it again.

to correct the problem go to "Jwm Config" and select "Refresh Menu". -> doesn't work the desktop enviroment reloads but the missing item on the menu doesn't load againl.

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